LIPONTAN Dehumidifier Review – Is it worth considering?


Despite its size, this compact, quiet-running dehumidifier from Lipotan packs a mighty moisture-fighting punch. While it is marketed as a quiet dehumidifier, it is not entirely silent. There is still a noticeable low-pitched hum from the fan, but it does run at a much quieter noise level than other dehumidifiers we have tested.

The compact design and build of the LIPONTAN Quiet Dehumidifier means it is light enough to pick up and carry from room to room without issue. We found it a valuable machine to remove dampness from a small conservatory early in the morning before the sun had a chance to warm up the space.

It was also very effective for dehumidifying a north-facing box room that is rarely used and gets little natural daylight. It helps keep spare bedding, shoes and summer clothes dry and smelling fresh. Before using the LIPONTAN Quiet Dehumidifier, we noticed fabrics stored in this room for some time started smelling musty and felt a little damp.

Performance and features of the LIPONTAN Dehumidifier

  • Capacity: 1500 Millilitres
  • Product dimensions: 13.8D x 15W x 24H centimetres
  • Material: ABS
  • Operation mode: Continuous, Automatic, with an auto-off timer and a choice of three working modes

The LIPONTAN Quiet Dehumidifier is ideal for use in the bathroom or small bedroom with poor air circulation that gets little direct sunlight. There is little to worry about with a set-and-forget automatic shut-off when the tank gets full. The automatic timer will turn on and off without you needing to be in the room.

  • The 1500ml capacity model can effectively absorb up to 350ml of moisture within a 20q range. The LIPONTAN Quiet Dehumidifier has a built-in automatic defrost function that prevents the internal condenser from freezing.
  • Low Energy Consumption & Quiet Operation: If you are looking for an energy-efficient mini dehumidifier, then the LIPONTAN Quiet Dehumidifier is a good choice as it operates with power consumption as low as 22.5W. This is a less expensive model to run than a larger home dehumidifier.
  • Three Dehumidification Modes: Choose between three running modes to suit your needs. For example, the natural dehumidification mode is ideal for tackling window fog and musty-smelling clothes inside a wardrobe.
  • Automatic Timing Function: The LIPONTAN Quiet Dehumidifier comes with a ten-hour timing function, which is ideal if you want to set and forget the dehumidifier. You don’t need to be present to control the functionality of the dehumidifier, so you can effectively dehumidify your home while you are at work or out for the day.
  • Attractive display: The LIPONTAN Quiet Dehumidifier has a colourful seven-colour light display that makes the dehumidifier look more attractive and adds to the atmosphere of any room you run in.

What we like about the LIPONTAN Dehumidifier

We like the compact yet attractive design of the model. While opening your windows is an effective way to release moist air trapped in your home, it is impractical and unsafe to leave your windows open when you go out. This compact and quiet mini-dehumidifier solves the problem of humidity build-up in your home while you are at work or out of the house for other reasons.

Even when at home, we like that this model runs quietly and doesn’t distract you when you are performing quiet tasks, such as reading or working from home. It is an ideal model to run in a home office where the air can quickly become stuffy, and moist air can negatively affect valuable things, such as books, paperwork and soft furnishings.

What we don’t like about the LIPONTAN Dehumidifier

We found that the LIPONTAN Quiet Dehumidifier did struggle in unusually high-humidity environments. It copes very well with dehumidifying small, unheated rooms with low-level issues with window fog and dampness. However, it took longer than expected to bring humidity levels down effectively when placed in a damp and steamy bathroom.

For this reason alone, we suggest you choose a larger and more powerful model if you have a large family and your bathroom is constantly used each day.

For many busy families, it is a balancing act to choose between a larger dehumidifier that removes more significant amounts of water quickly or a more quiet-running, energy-efficient, smaller model such as the LIPONTAN Quiet Dehumidifier. It is an ideal choice for a one- or two-person household with no severe damp problem within the home.

Final thoughts

The LIPONTAN Dehumidifier is an energy-efficient model, so it would be a good choice for those looking to keep their energy consumption down. We like the 6, 8 and ten-hour timer function a lot on this model. It is an excellent option for managing humidity levels at home when we are not there, and the colourful night-light display is a unique feature that makes it stand out from other models in the same range.

This mini-dehumidifier is compact and lightweight. It is perfectly fine for a two-bedroom modern townhouse or flat where you can move it around to tackle humidity levels in different rooms. It needs to be more powerful to dehumidify the whole house, but if you are looking for a compact, quiet, energy-efficient and portable dehumidifier for single-room use, this is a good choice.

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