De’Longhi DEX212F Dehumidifier Review

delonghi dehumidifier review
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The De'Longhi DEX212F Dehumidifier, equipped with a powerful 300W motor, is designed to extract up to 12 liters of moisture daily, promising a drier and more comfortable living environment. The unit’s noise reduction feature ensures it operates at a quiet 40 decibels, making it suitable for use during sleep or daily activities. The additional laundry function and the integrated handle for maximum portability make it a convenient addition to any household looking to fight dampness and accelerate laundry drying.

Functionality: Within a few hours of operation, users noted a significant reduction in room dampness, with a quick fill-up of the water container. The unit’s efficiency in condensation removal is commendable, with several users remarking on the immediate disappearance of window condensation and a noticeable rise in room temperature without additional heating.

Noise Level: While the De’Longhi boasts of a noise reduction feature, user experiences regarding noise levels are mixed. Some find the noise level tolerable and unintrusive, while others find it noticeable and annoying.

Review Details

The De’Longhi DEX212F Dehumidifier receives mixed reviews from users dealing with various levels of humidity issues. Users commend the device for its efficiency in reducing high levels of humidity in areas up to 90sqm, making environments more comfortable and resolving condensation issues, even extracting noticeable amounts of water daily. In spaces of 25sqm, users observe a significant reduction in humidity levels, from 91% to 50%, within a single day.

However, it is noted that the dehumidifier must be kept running continuously for maintaining these improved conditions, and turning off the device may lead the problem to resurface. This aspect is viewed as a downside for those looking for a more permanent solution to high humidity levels.

Another positive aspect highlighted by users is its quiet operation, although the dehumidifier is considered heavy and lacking in maneuverability due to the absence of wheels, making it inconvenient to move between rooms. Despite its weight, the design is seen as non-bulky, allowing placement in various spaces easily.

The dehumidifier also proves to be effective for specific purposes such as drying laundry, with a user noting successful drying of 12kg of laundry within 18 to 24 hours in a small, nearly sealed room with additional heating.

While there is criticism regarding misunderstandings of the dehumidifier’s capacity and performance under different conditions, overall, the De’Longhi DEX212F is appreciated for its effective dehumidifying function, especially in smaller, sealed spaces, and for tasks like drying clothes. The main points of discontent stem from its weight and the need for continuous operation to maintain optimal humidity levels.

Users Comments

“Only arrived a couple of hours ago. I put it in the bedroom and switched on already the container is half full!”

“I was recommended this dehumidifier. The DeLonghi is noisy and the settings are very basic.”

“This dehumidifier is amazing, have it on when you have the heating on and you will find it is amazing.”

“Bought this to tackle increasing problem of condensation in our spare loft bedroom… This worked like a dream.”

Pros and Cons

✅ Efficient moisture removal❌ Noisy for some users
✅ Laundry function❌ Basic settings
✅ Integrated handle for portability❌ Issues with fan oscillation reported
✅ Contributes to a warmer environment❌ May cause excessive dryness

What We Like

  • Effectiveness in reducing dampness and removing condensation
  • Laundry function speeds up indoor drying
  • Integrated handle makes it easy to move
  • Contributes to an overall warmer room temperature

What Can Be Improved

  • Noise level can be further reduced for optimal comfort
  • Settings could be enhanced for better customization
  • Enhanced fan stability to avoid oscillation issues

Short List of Features

  1. Removes up to 12 litres of excess moisture per 24 hours
  2. 40-decibel noise level
  3. Laundry function for faster clothes drying
  4. Integrated handle for easy portability

Other Models

De'Longhi DEX214F Dehumidifier

De’Longhi DEX214F Dehumidifier (14L)
The De’Longhi Aria Dry Multi is a high-efficiency dehumidifier capable of extracting up to 14 litres of moisture daily, ensuring optimal energy use with its advanced compressor technology. Despite its power, it operates quietly at 37 decibels, ensuring no disruption to your daily activities or sleep. It even includes a convenient laundry function, optimizing ventilation and dehumidifying capabilities to expedite the drying of your clothes. Plus, its integrated handle enhances portability, making it a practical choice for moisture management in your home.
De'Longhi DEX216F Dehumidifier

De’Longhi DEX216F Dehumidifier (16L)
The De’Longhi AriaDry Multi is an advanced dehumidifier designed to enhance comfort and health in your living space. It efficiently removes up to 16 litres of excess moisture per day while minimizing energy consumption thanks to its optimized compressor. The unit operates quietly at a 37-decibel noise level, ensuring it won’t interrupt your daily life or sleep. It boasts a laundry function that hastens the drying process and employs a specialized filtration system to eliminate allergens, enhancing the air quality in your home.

Comparison to Pro Breeze 12L

De’Longhi 12LPro Breeze 12L
Extraction per day12L12L
Tank Capacity2.1L1.8L
Noise Level40dB40dB
Integrated handleYESNO

Summary of the Review

In summary, the De’Longhi DEX212F Dehumidifier is a powerful and efficient unit for tackling dampness and humidity in various spaces. The additional features such as the laundry function and integrated handle amplify its convenience. However, improvements in noise reduction and more advanced settings would enhance user satisfaction.

The user experiences lean towards satisfaction with its moisture removal efficiency, the rapid drying of laundry, and its role in making the environment warmer. Despite some reports of noise and basic settings, many are willing to overlook these aspects in favor of its overall functionality and effectiveness. It’s a worthwhile investment for those seeking to improve their living conditions by eliminating excess moisture and dampness effectively.

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