Honeywell Low Energy Dehumidifier 24L Review

Honeywell Low Energy Dehumidifier 24L Review

Review Details

The Honeywell Low Energy Dehumidifier 24L (TP Small) is a compact and portable compressor dehumidifier that boasts numerous beneficial features. With its 24-hour timer, washable dust filter, and laundry drying mode, it’s designed to prevent mould and damp efficiently in various spaces in your home.

Energy Efficiency

The Honeywell Dehumidifier takes pride in being a **COST OF LIVING ENERGY SAVING STAR**, ensuring low power consumption and optimized energy usage. This aspect makes it a cost-effective and practical solution for everyday use in combating dampness and ensuring a comfortable living environment.

Drying Clothes

An excellent alternative to a tumble dryer, this dehumidifier aids in drying clothes effectively, saving energy and money. The airflow and large extraction rate contribute to this feature, making it a practical appliance in the household.

Brand Reliability

Honeywell has a strong reputation, having received top marks from an independent US product safety agency since 2016. The dehumidifier’s two-year warranty further adds to the peace of mind for consumers, ensuring durability and reliable customer service.

User Comfort and Convenience

Its intelligent digital hygrostat control and other comfort features like sleep mode, low-temperature operation, and quiet rollers enhance the user experience, making it a convenient and easy-to-use product.

Enhanced Comfort

Apart from preventing mould and damp on walls, curtains, and furniture, it assists in drying laundry and conserving food by maintaining dry air. It’s versatile and ideal for use in bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories, cellars, and garages.

Users comments / reviews

“Working great in my son’s 3 bedroom flat….fills up within a few hours and has dried up the place…. highly recommended”

However, some users have expressed concerns:

“Whilst an effective dehumidifier, it’s super noisy, rattles, uses a lot energy and was expensive to buy over other machines of the same spec…”

Positive feedback continues to echo in terms of its efficiency, value for money, and its effectiveness in reducing moisture levels in various households.

Pros and Cons

✅Energy-efficient❌Reported to be noisy by some users
✅Effective in drying clothes❌May use a lot of energy
✅Two-year warranty❌Considered expensive by some users
✅Intelligent user comfort features❌Average build quality reported
✅Versatile for use in various rooms 

What We Like

  • Efficient moisture extraction
  • Functional and practical design
  • Brand reliability and warranty
  • Assistance in clothes drying
  • Effective in multiple room types

What Can Be Improved

  • Noise levels could be minimized
  • Energy consumption concerns
  • Improvement in build quality

Short List of Features

  1. 24L moisture extraction
  2. 24-hour timer
  3. Washable dust filter
  4. Laundry drying mode
  5. Two-year warranty
  6. Intelligent digital hygrostat control
  7. Overflow protection devices

Summary of the Review

In conclusion, the Honeywell Low Energy Dehumidifier 24L (TP Small) stands out for its extensive features, brand reliability, and user convenience. Despite the noise and energy consumption concerns, its efficiency in extracting moisture, drying clothes, and ensuring a comfortable, damp-free environment makes it a worthwhile investment for maintaining a healthy and comfortable living space. The two-year warranty and the established Honeywell brand name further lend confidence in this product as a choice for dehumidification needs.

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