Zanussi 18L Dehumidifier Review

zanussi dehumidifier review

Review Details

The Zanussi 18L Dehumidifier Low Energy ZDH1802 is a sleek, modern, and efficient appliance suitable for room sizes up to between 30-45m². Designed to effortlessly eliminate excessive moisture, leave rooms feeling fresh and dry, and aid in laundry drying, the unit boasts a variety of features such as timer settings, two fan speeds, and an auto defrost and restart function.

This unit works very well indeed…Brilliant item and very good value for money, I highly recommend this to anyone who needs to reduce dampness in their home, also drying clothes on your clothes horse.

Users Comments / Reviews

Customers are overwhelmingly positive about the Zanussi 18L Dehumidifier. One user praised its efficiency, highlighting its sleek and modern design as a complement to their Zanussi kitchen appliances. They noted the ease of emptying the water tank, and the continuous drain feature allowing for uninterrupted operation.

Simple to use & compact unit. Good capacity and seems quicker than our old (5+ years) unit at drying clothes. Overall- very happy with it.

Despite its higher price, users find it worth the investment for the recognized brand and the convenience it brings in reducing dampness and aiding in drying clothes.

Pros and Cons

✅Efficient in reducing dampness and humidity❌Relatively expensive
✅Modern, clean, and tidy design 
✅Easy to use and move around the home 
✅Continuous drain facility 
✅Two-year guarantee 

What We Like

  • Efficiency: The Zanussi Dehumidifier effectively reduces humidity levels and helps in minimizing damp and condensation.
  • Design: Users appreciate its clean, modern aesthetic that aligns with other Zanussi appliances.
  • Continuous Drain Feature: A notable feature that allows the dehumidifier to work uninterruptedly, keeping rooms consistently dry and fresh.
  • Auto Defrost and Restart: An ideal function for colder months, ensuring the unit operates seamlessly without frost-related issues.

What Can Be Improved

  • Price: Some customers find the unit to be on the expensive side, although most believe the investment is justified by the unit’s performance and features.

Short List of Features
  • 18L maximum extraction per day
  • 2.5L easy-empty water tank
  • Timer, 2 fan speeds, Turbo and Dry mode
  • Auto defrost and restart function
  • Integrated carry handles
  • Laundry drying feature
  • LED display
  • Two-year guarantee

Summary of the Review

In summary, the Zanussi 18L Dehumidifier ZDH1802 is a high-performing and aesthetically pleasing appliance that effectively tackles excessive moisture, making living spaces more comfortable and aiding in laundry drying. Despite its higher price tag, customers are largely satisfied with its multitude of features, ease of use, and efficiency, making it a commendable choice for those seeking a reliable dehumidification solution for their homes.

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